DataCenter Solutions: Expertise

Server Racks and By Pass Air Containment:
Selecting a well design server rack is a Best-in-Breed must have requirement for today's Data Centers.   A properly designed rack plays a  key role especially in today's growing need to control "Recirculated Airflow". 

The breathability of the cabinet is paramount to ensuring that any containment strategies deployed down the road will collectively work to keeping your Data Center running cool and all so green. 

AxcessDataSolutions has hands on understanding of the internal air dynamics inside a rack.   We welcome recommending a rack that will fit your budget while addressing your needs.

Cabinet Level Power:
Whether your powerstrip needs inside your rack uses Basic, Metered, Monitored, or Full Control; AxcessDataSolutions has the expertise to find the right powerstrip solution to fit your every need. 

If power is a key concern of yours today, let AxcessDataSolutions make some power recommendations.  These recommendations may enable you to deploy additional server assets in your Data Center when you think you are running at your limits.

Do you know what the assets in a rack are drawing at a moments notice?  We can show you how.

Cable Management or Business Continuity:
Does your Lab and or Data Center look anything like this?  If so, you are definitely not alone.  And you most definitely have your work cut out for you. 

Let AxcessDataSolutions help you.  We can highlight an array of solutions that addresses the issue.   We will work on understanding your needs while building a close mutual trusting relationship.  A relationship that you will find of value when partnering with us.



Lighting and Energy Savings
Although lighting consumes the least Energy in your Data Center, poor lighting and the maintenance of existing Fluorescent Fixtures used in Data Centers and General Facilities do pose a Safety and Business Continuity Risk to your operations.

First, as Flourescent tubes ages and in a typical "Lights Out" data center environment; data center light fixtures are controlled by motion sensors.  These sensors affects (shortens) the useful life of the florescent tubes.  Thus premature tube failure will occur, requiring needed maintenance. 

When that happens do you feel comfortable having a technician straddle a ladder over server racks running mission critical operations?  Very often, we see footprints imprinted on top of server racks. 

And that's never a good thing, or is it?  There is a cost effective solution.

Let AxcessDataSolutions show you that such stressful maintenance periods can be eliminated. Visit us at to learn more about light solutions that not only saves you energy but eliminates maintenance for a very long time both in your data center and your general facility (office/parking) for that matter.

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